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The setting of Hawaii and Seattle really do shine through here and there. Told in the first person, the main character is 39 year old Jackie. But what began as a one-night stand turns into love as when her vacation is done, she flies to Hawaii every chance she gets to meet with her latest love interest, which soon gets disapproval from her ex-husband, her kids, and even her close friends.

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Not knowing what to do with herself, she finds Kai. There was a lot of dysfunction with some of the other characters in this book that was either kind of glossed over until the very end.

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He is handsome, tanned, younger, and a surfboard instructor. This story is much more than age difference, social status or older woman with a younger man. He is handsome, tanned, younger, Jane Porter has written an amazing book about a woman caught in the middle of her life, 40, not knowing what direction her life is taking her.

It was touch and go there for a few moments though.

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Dealing with a hard hearted ex-husband and feeling at sea with her life at the moment. She is talk So first and foremost the only reason I really did run out and get this book was because I had read some of Jane Porter's books in the past, and this was a Lifetime movie on t.

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Once there she meets a surfboard instructor years younger than her and starts off having a vacation fling that turns into something more. I absolutely love this book.

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I honestly don't get him at all. The ending happened and I wondered at how in the world readers were expected to overlook a several month absent which springboarded into a HEA.

I think just like with Frog Prince, the biggest issue I had was that for almost the entire book there is nothing happening and there was a lot of standing in place storywise while reading.

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The distance in their separation is the pacific ocean, but this only intensifies their love. And no I don't mean that is how it was written.

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