URISA Salary Survey for IT/GIS Professionals - PDF URISA Salary Survey for IT/GIS Professionals - PDF

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Though the roles of the GIS analyst vary somewhat based upon the company for which he or she works, they all analyze geographical information in a way that benefits his or her employer. Essentially, geographical information systems officers collect physical and numerical data using various tools and pieces of equipment, such as global positioning systems GPS and depth sensors.

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When asked to indicate the department in which they work, respondents offered a great variety of responses.

Because job titles are not standardized across this industry, URISA compiled an extensive list of model job descriptions, which detail job responsibilities under various titles. For example, spatial analysis examples include buffering, clipping and exploring the relationships between map feature.

GIS Manager Job: Do You Want to Manage Some Very Spatial People?

Your days will be booked with a lot of these. Key skills for geographical information systems managers Employers look for candidates with strong problem-solving, project management, analytical, organisational, time management, interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.

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These professionals are divided fairly evenly among those who work in a single department However, candidates with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in geographical information systems, geography, surveying, computer science, maths, operational research, or statistics are preferred by many employers.

Are GIS professionals actively pursuing continuing education? Experience in land surveying for at least two years would be required. They work on business development for long-term benefits and values of GIS in an organization.

The result is similar to the survey ofin which three out of ten respondents Both are significantly less than Many also offer college tuition reimbursement GIS, Mapping, and Geo Technology Professionals — With over 52, members, this LinkedIn group is designed to help GIS professionals network, share knowledge, and stay up to date with the latest technology developments and industry news.

Slightly less than two-fifths of survey respondents work in municipal GIS technicians usually work regular business hours in an office environment, though might have to travel to geographical sites to gather data and examine information.

All information is kept anonymous. Information collected from these sources is studied and analysed with the help of I.