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Among the most interesting is the inscription of the Columna Rostrata in Rome, which records the great naval victory of Gaius Duilius over the Carthaginians; this, however, is not the original, but a later and somewhat modified version. There are a few known written works by Augustus that have survived.

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Over two hundred further pieces of the Monumentum Ancyranum Res Gestae Divi Augusti whose first fragments were found inwere also found during the excavations of the Platea.

He also assisted Humann on a reconstruction project involving the Monumentum Ancyranum. It was on the walls of this temple in Galatia that the major source for the Res Gestae of Augustus were preserved for modernity.

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Busbecq discovered an almost complete copy of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti, an account of Roman emperor Augustus' life and accomplishments, at the Monumentum Ancyranum in Ancyra. Since its publication, the inscription has become known as the Codex Verantianus.

The various sets of Fasti constituted a record of the names of consuls, and other magistrates or high officials, and also of the triumphs accorded to conquering generals.

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A document of high importance is a summary of the life and achievements of Augustus, already mentioned, and known as the Monumentum Ancyranum. The ruins of Ancyra still furnish today valuable bas-reliefs, inscriptions and other architectural fragments.

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There are, however, many well-preserved remains of Ottoman and Roman architecture, the most remarkable being the Temple of Augustus and Rome 20 BC which is also known as the Monumentum Ancyranum.

The inscriptions in Latin featured translations in Greek beside it, and were inscribed on many public edifices, such as the temple in Ankara dubbed the Monumentum Ancyranum, called the "queen of inscriptions" by historian Theodor Mommsen.

After the death of Augustus in 14 AD, a copy of the text of Res Gestae Divi Augusti was inscribed on the interior of the pronaos in Latin, whereas a Greek translation is also present on an exterior wall of the cella.

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