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It is the first open-source modification that adds a highly customizable network play element to a commercial closed-source single-player PC game. Going through internal changes, collaborating with people we have never worked before, and finally recovering from the dramatic events happened in FFS Gaming bids farewell to outgoing was an important year for us.

Old camera modes are still availible and useable, you can change camera modes using default camera change key.

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See below for a link to our website. Removed old quick races system, replaced it with new one, that allows you to select multiple vehicles and search for race with all of them.

Trading offers, asking for rep, reflinks or similar advertisements will not be tolerated. As this system is completely new, expect some minor problems with it, all feedback is welcome.

Time trials now show time left until next availible race in main race mode selection menu. Fixed some issues that allowed you to bug garage entering. All rims share the same size due to technical limitations.

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Added ability to color car decals in Paint Shop. This is it, you are set and you can hop into the game right away. New maps and vinyls We already started working on adding new maps and vinyls, but because we wanted to release this update as soon as possible we didin't manage to finish this work in time.

Added completely new, mouseless camera modes inspired by NFS games. It all began a couple of months ago, in the light of increasing amount of events in our community, when we added a seperate training server for convenience of our participants.

SA scripter, you have to meet requirements listed below: In addition, repeat offenders will be reported to Valve. In fact, one could not even leave his vehicle, Back then, the MTA experience was nothing like it is nowadays; very basic vehicle synchronization and a only limited set of gamemodes existed - Race, Freeroam, DeathMatch and Demolition Derby.