Mundo de Uñas | Stamping Polish - 14ml Mundo de Uñas | Stamping Polish - 14ml

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When the polish is separated, it is hard to get it to stamp well. The reason is simply because they all stamp so well and probably also because they are very affordable especially the minis.

A common problem with stamping otherwise is getting lighter shades to stamp well over darker shades.

Bob Plays with Polish

This is now, one of my all time favorite polishes. When I was planning to place my order I had some issues finding swatches of all the different shades.

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Nail art blog by neuroscientist, because it brings creativity and beauty in everyday life. Reddish is super vibrant and does not separate at all, I like it more than Red or Tulip.

Monday, July 6, Mundo de Unas stamping polish review and swatches Introduction Today I prepared something which might be useful for you, my second Mundo de Unas stamping review. From creating profiles, browsing personals, sending emails, messages, winks or flowers, using Instant Messenger, live chat rooms, blogs to dating forums, you are sure to rock good with Poland Dating.

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Enlaced left below Stamp colour for flourish: Spring Green and Neon Orange has for me separated quite a bit in the bottles. Copper separates a lot and requires mixing before stamping. Even the palest pastels looks opaque over black. Mundo de Unas is one of the most well known dedicated stamping polish suppliers.