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Always ensure that the Maybank's website address changes from 'http: When the cardholder responds they are asked for their card number, expiration date and PIN.

Beneficiary maintenance You can register beneficiary for third-party Deutsche Bank and non Deutsche Bank fund transfers using MyBank India app with ease. Always check the authenticity of the Maybank's website by comparing the URL and the Maybank's name in its digital certificate, or by observing the indicators provided by an extended validation certificate.

Open a new web browser and enter the URL address of the Bank www. You can then provide instructions to Deutsche Bank to debit your account and make payments to the service provider on your behalf.

If you encounter any certificate warning or any warning messages, do not proceed and contact Maybank immediately. Do not disclose your Username or Password to anyone. You can also choose not to specify any fund transfer limit as this feature is optional Online Bill Payment Online bill payment is a quick and easy way to pay your bills on time.

This type of fraud scheme has been attempted in the past.

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The CVV value is validated by the network when the card is swiped. View and Pay Your bills are presented to you online before you can make the payment. Cardholders are instructed to call a phone number to confirm their information.