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Immunity to posion And Resistance To Electricity Killua is immune to posion, as shown in the beginning Of The hunter exam where he drank Tonpa's drink Who I think the winner is? That may be his downfall, if Gon catches Killua off guard he can deal him alot of damage: He also has amazing endurance as he fell asleep while milluki's torture!

Also repeated in the chemira ant arc where he faced ortho siblings, He was hit by alot of darts across his body but still was able to think of a strategy to counter their ability Muscle Joint Control And Claw Killua Can control his Muscles, dislodge them, etc.

Killua is also a hunter. He knows how To react in different situations, and analyze the situation. Immense Speed And Agility Killua's speed and Agility allows him to attack the enemy from any corner and Dodge any of their attacks, even without Nen. He was able to overpower Youpei with that speed.

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Speed Of Lightning Killua moves his own body at will, for moving long distances at high speed, or Use it in fights where his opponents are stronger. It can be used offensively to overwhelm the opponent with impossibly quick blows, defensively to block or evade attacks, or both ways at the same time.

His speed is extremely Incredible that no normal human Would be able to react. Enhanced Stamina Killua has amazing Stamina, both mentally and Physically. Killua chooses electricity, which he's only able to do because of the electricity he got hit when he was a child, it's a miracle he can still smile today, according to biscuit.

He also knows the basics of shingen-Ryu kung fu.