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Now, Sky is pushing forward with the Smart Boxa set-top streamer that comes with the Now TV app and a coaxial port as standard. The Smart Box remote is a tiny piece of kit with just a few buttons. Third, if you do run higher speeds and use Fiber Optic Internet, you need to make sure your TV box supports that.

Sky is making sure if you want the sports you'll pay for a contract. There's no search button and no microphone, meaning you can't bark for "action movies starring Tom Cruise" like you would with the latest Apple TV.

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There are two to choose from: There are three things to pay attention to in this regard: But that's an expensive way to go, and almost defeats the purpose of avoiding a Sky TV subscription.

However, unlike much of the competition, all NOW Broadband packages are truly unlimited: The expanded feature takes up half of the screen and lists eight channels simultaneously.

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I also struggled a little with the remote — sometimes it required a few jabs to get it to respond to what I was hitting. NOW TV is a cut-down version, but still offers some cracking content — most notably including an easy and commitment-free way to access Sky Sports for those important events.

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