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What is possible is a watering down of right-inspired motions at the convention, at a later date, by the moderate-dominated NSW Liberal Party State Council.

At this stage, the Villatora motion appears to have more momentum, but all insiders are unsure about the outcome. Stephanie Merrick Follow stelisew February 7, Political back story So a movement to change the pre-selection rules in just one — albeit the largest — state in Australia has taken on the dimensions of a major battlefield in the proxy war between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott.

It would also flow from the resentment felt towards Michael Photios among members of the party's right.

Labor and Liberals both struck down with NSW disease

He expects the Warringah motion, or the one identified with Tony Abbott — the man knocked off by Malcolm Turnbull - to win through. They received a composite liberal score of For Mr Turnbull even a compromise result may not be a comfortable experience.

Murphy is up for reelection in What is likely, according to party insiders in both the right and moderate factions, is that during the convention both right and moderate-inspired motions will be passed.

They also constitute But his diagnosis of what ails the party to which he has devoted his working life does not sound all that different from what Liberal reformer John Ruddick says is wrong with his side of the political divide. Share via Email Veteran senator and reform supporter John Faulkner: Sinceseventy women have entered the Senate.

In accordance with Section 15 of the Constitution, she was formally chosen by the Queensland Parliament on March 21, She received a composite liberal score of Day was subsequently disqualified by the High Court on April 5,due to an indirect pecuniary interest with the Commonwealth.

Schumer has spent 40 years in elected office, serving in the New York state assembly from and then the United States House from to