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Nuclear power plant meltdown simulation dating, screenshots of nuclear power plant simulator

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However, apparently steam generator loops can be isolated, in the event that a break occurs in one of these loops. These backup heat sinks are sufficient to prevent either the fuel meltdown in the first place using the moderator heat sinkor the breaching of the core vessel should the moderator eventually boil off using the shield tank heat sink.

Another way to make big bucks is to get the reactor up to as close to its full output of MegaWatts as possible.


As you play you will find what I like to call the sweet spots on the control settings. Though this type of reactor is not susceptible to meltdown, additional capabilities of heat removal are provided by using regular atmospheric airflow as a means of backup heat removal, by having it pass through a heat exchanger and rising into the atmosphere due to convectionachieving full residual heat removal.

Lead and Lead-Bismuth-cooled reactors[ edit ] Recently it was identified a special phenomenology for heavy liquid metal-cooled fast reactors -HLM, as lead and lead-bismuth-cooled reactors. In addition, some have been built with more than marginal containments, some have quality ECCS systems, and some have been upgraded to international standards of control and instrumentation.

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Unit-1 still continues to operate at TMI. After a number of years for fission products to decay - probably around a decade - the containment can be reopened for decontamination and demolition.

You will run the plant to it's limits but do not to push it too hard or warning lights will appear. You will run the plant to it's limits but do not to push it too hard or warning lights will appear.

Has six steam generator loops, adding unnecessary complexity. The demo version is free and does not expire but can only play 40 turns per game, which is plenty to cause a meltdown if you are not careful!

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In addition, passive safety features such as tonne ice condensers have been installed, making these two units safety-wise the most advanced VVER's in the world. In Fukushima the containments were filled with inert nitrogen, which prevented hydrogen from burning in the containment.

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However, there has never been any full-scale testing of this device. It has not been determined to what extent a molten mass can melt through a structure although that was tested in the Loss-of-Fluid-Test Reactor described in Test Area North 's fact sheet [17].

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