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To post information about yourself at TAU2 is not difficult at all and it's absolutely free of charge. Of course, you can update your profile in any moment or remove it completely.

This information is strictly confidential, but it is verifiable for example, we check the phone numbers. TAU2 takes advantage of some other mechanisms to track down the attempts of scamming other members. The catalogue of TAU2 is closed for public viewing and access to it is available only to the registered members of the website.

This allows us to limit access for those participants who tend to abuse and violate the rules of the website or to infringe the rights and interests of other members.

Write about yourself in an arbitrary manner and answer a couple of questions of the questionnaire which in turn will help other members of TAU2 to locate you on the website.

To get registered on the website, publish your profile or keep blog, view other members' profiles and search through them can be done at no charge whatsoever.

It is not prohibited to indicate your contact information in the letters you send. Is it true that TAU2 is free?

What's this?

That's why your photos and personal information are reliably protected against any kind of global search system, even from Google.

How can I be sure that registered people on this website are real? If you want to, you can provide self-description in a few languages at a time, add comments to your photos, keep a blog of your own, give an interview and do many other things.

TAU2 provides both fee-paying and free services. TAU2 as a club of online dating has closed non-public structure and our participants finally can afford the benefit of higher level of mutual trust while talking to each other.

To send a letter of a relatively large size or a letter which requires translation from one language to another, making phone calls, exchanging personal contact information between participants - these are fee-paying services.