Obscurus Lupa (movie character) Obscurus Lupa (movie character)

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Her punk clad musical intro to her Alien Apocalypse review, where she sings a cover of Science Fiction Double Feature. Here i'll read it to you: MikeJ popped by to help review Witchcraft 5.

Lupa comments on how two characters do this in Witchery. She is pretty shocked during Lady Dragon when the little boy kills a bad guy with one kick.

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There's a super quick upskirt shot and you see her sexy bare feet at a couple points. In The Howling VII she's far, far more enamored with one of the townsfolk named Pappy than she is with any of the main characters.

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Oh, she looooooooves Cynthia Rothrock. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Is that really a laughing moment?

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Reviewed the unintentionally horrifying children's movie Gooby with Iron Lizwith Iron Liz later roping her into reviewing She Creature with her as payback. Allison sets aside her chronic hatred of the British for this crossover.

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That outfit and hairstyle, and the way she lies across that bed And like the apparent majority of people, she thinks making the Critic suffer is loads of fun.

Joe points out "This is strangely hot.

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Duped Oancitizen into reviewing Hamlet the Vampire Slayer. Even has a catchphrase for it: Don't you think you're over-reacting just a little bit?

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Her take on Sonny from Lady Dragon 2.