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Oligarquia definicion yahoo dating. Oligarca | definición de oligarca en español de oxford dictionaries

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Has Sergio Antelo, intellectual leader of the Camba Nation, seen this? OpenSubtitles en Apartheid was an oligarchy, and no one wants that again.

Europarl8 en The little bit of the Eurasian continent that invented democracy is now rediscovering oligarchy in the board of directors of the central bank, with a feeble theoretical justification: Common crawl en In Spain the capitalist superstructure was crowned by the Bourbon monarchy, imposed on the people by fascism as the greatest example of the power of the oligarchy and the landowners.

UN-2 en There is no room for an increase in the existing oligarchy within the Council.

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An oligarchy has been established, dominated by the United States, which is protecting itself. Europarl8 en That is exactly the perverse effect that has been achieved.

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Europarl8 en On one side of the watershed the murky waters of a totalitarian regime flow towards the past, where only the oligarchies and the present administration reap the benefits. Europarl8 en Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the people of Guatemala, like all the people of Latin America, have tried foreign intervention by American imperialism and exploitation by the local oligarchy with tragic consequences.

OpenSubtitles en Religious oligarchy. Common crawl en Let us be clear about our conception of contemporary Latin American social movements and center-left regimes.

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Common crawl en And they can't be too far from each other, despite the efforts of the Camba oligarchy not to appear racist: Common crawl en Against immigration and multicultural society which imposes to the European countries to disclaim and undress their identity to homologate to the politically correct, obedient to the orders of the multinationals and financials oligarchies which wants to relegate to the European Man the simple role of a gear for a more and more decadent and rotten system.

ProjectSyndicate en As Russia's recent experience shows, creating a politically sycophantic business oligarchy makes the prospect of a market democracy more remote. Europarl8 en Very briefly, this Europe which is handing over the interests of nations to oligarchies that have interests so different to our own?

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UN-2 en Because of the rapidly spreading globalization of markets and the emergence of powerful transnational oligarchies, the normative power of States has been degenerating at an increasing pace.