Android - OnActivityResult not call in the Fragment Android - OnActivityResult not call in the Fragment

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Called when an activity you launched exits, giving you the requestCode you started it with, the resultCode it returned, and any additional data from it. There are defined constants for these, notably Activity.

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When the user selects a color, we already saw how to broadcast the selection in a one-to-many broadcast in Android Tutorial: After the onPause method has run, the activity is still visible but doesn't have the focus. As you can see in the code I did properly invoke new intent as described in https: As expected onCreateContextMenu is called to build the menu and then onContextItemSelected is called when something is selected.

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Android Cookbook describes how the requesting Activity needs to wait for the responding Activity or an entire application if an external Activity was started: However it never gets called in my case. The classic book Design Patterns: As you can see, MainActivity is paused, but not stopped or destroyed, before ColorPickerActivity is created, started and resumed.

The resultCode is, of course, used to indicate success or failure.

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Alternatively, you can hash the name of "who made the request" instead of "who handled the request", in which case your hash would be: This is the code that I wrote called from a fragment not an activity: I have implemented onActivityResult callback in main onActivityResult in zxing show results in a different activity Hey guys im making an app using zxing integrater I have the scanner working propelry and show the results fine but would like the reslts to showon a separate class activity any ideas?