Pacemakers and Pacing. Understand pacemaker use | Patient Pacemakers and Pacing. Understand pacemaker use | Patient

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Click Image to Enlarge How to check your pulse As the heart forces blood through the arteries, you feel the beats by firmly pressing on the arteries, which are located close to the surface of the skin at certain points of the body.

Pacemakers may set off airport metal detectors, too, so a great precaution to take is to carry your pacemaker card in your wallet or purse and show it to security before going through the detectors.

Travelling and security systems Airport screening systems and antitheft systems in shops and libraries may rarely cause problems and there is also a small chance that the pacemaker may trigger the alarms. Most people can return to their normal activities within a few days.


Do not lean against or stay near the system longer than needed. Always carry an ID card that states you have a pacemaker. It is important to distinguish between electromagnetic fields generated by radio antennas and magnetic fields generated by heavy metal transformers connected to the AC powerlines.

These restrictions will only be for about 2 to 3 weeks depending on your doctor's instructions.

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The placing of the leads and electrodes during the implantation procedure also presents certain risks for the patient. If infection does occur, the entire pacing system may have to be removed.

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Abstain from diathermy the use of heat in physical therapy to treat muscles. In most cases, you can lead a normal life with an ICD.

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Shock wave lithotripsy, used to get rid of kidney stones, may disrupt the function of your device without appropriate preparation. If your heart rhythm is abnormal, the computer will direct the generator to send electrical pulses to your heart. Yes, they generally can, but this article outlines important safety precautions they must take.

Welding is an activity that is considered dangerous, so read up on the resources we provide below, do your own research, and most importantly, call your doc!