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At The Game Awards, he was declared the best e-sport player.

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They went 0—2 in the first day of competition but his team managed to bounce back and with their other two games in pool play on the second day of competition. With Frag Cup 4, an annual online tournament at the start of a new Call of Duty title, coming up a member of the OpTic Gaming competitive team was unable to play due to gambling restrictions in his province, and after impressing early on in the game, OpTic Gaming picked up Haag, who rejoined the OpTic Gaming competitive team on a permanent basis.

He even had shot for making people know typical gaming techniques which made him achieving a gold medal in the year Matt Haag — A. Haag's team qualified, being second place in the league.

"Nadeshot" "Optic Nadeshot" Chasing a Dream

His ability is highly praised throughout the world and is best known for playing all competitive games. The game was a success competitively and attracted a bigger audience through the season.

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His videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands or millions of times. Matthew is also an active athlete who is listed in the Red Bull eSports and also and prominent participant of the famous Twitch TV the show is basically a streaming program which is sponsored by famous hardware gaming companies including Scuf Gaming and Astro Gaming.

Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: The next tournament was MLG Dallas.

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One word of caution: Nadeshot then decided to leave OpTic clan in Winning Tournaments — Haag has been competing in tournaments for specific games like Halo 2 and Call of Duty since he was in his teens. His collections are filled with innumerable medals and certificates.