Transformers 4 Optimus Prime vs Grimlock (HD latino) animated gif Transformers 4 Optimus Prime vs Grimlock (HD latino) animated gif

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Megatron leaves Orion to his work and Orion does as his lord wishes.

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Megatron went to check on Orion and explained to him that Starscream was a traitor who went to the Autobot side. When Optimus returned from retrieving the Allspark, he fought against Unicron.

In Predacons Rising, Unicron revived Megatron's body as his vessel.

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Megatron explained that that Decepticons were named for spreading the truth and if speaking was deception, then they were gladly guilty. Megatron then ordered guards to watch Orion and threatened to kill Orion if he did not comply.

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They air fight and in it ended with Optimus knocking Megatron into the fusion cannon's power core, repeating his old phrase "Megatron!

However, when Optimus saw Megatron, he asked where are we Megatronus?

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Optimus met June Darby in the ending of Crisscross. June respond by saying she wore on her heals and everything else for no reason, which indicates she wanted to make an impression with Optimus, much to Jack's embarrassment.

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