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As well as conventional male-female relationships, you can also choose to find something a bit different, whether you wish to reunite with friends or make new acquaintances.

Inhe told his church he could transform himself and others into objects and animals. According to him, the screams of pain from the man caused him to have pity on him.

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This cut off any communications, drastically reducing any dating opportunities. He also seemed to have conjured a passport for a church member who lost his.

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The man of God said after asking God to forgive the man of his sins, he prayed for the man and the cameras captured that. We found members we were interested in contacting but when we tried to send a message, we were sometimes given an error message.

In proving that he was not at fault, he said to the master "Father ask him, yes you can ask him Gabriel. Controversies[ edit ] Stepping on Woman's Belly[ edit ] In Obinim was seen on television stepping on the belly of a woman in a "deliverance" ritual. He continued to have the conversation with the heavenly cohort and finally revealed that his master had forgiven him and promised to pay his partner back for almost getting him in trouble.

He spoke in a strange language and explained to the congregation that he was being interrogated by the master for a task he and his partner, Angel Gabriel, could not fully complete. Click on the button below to check out Dating.

Thus, upon his return to the village, he started communicating with the now married woman, which later led to sex between the two.