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But now since it has gone through a lot change in terms of heavier design and fuller embellishments, the jewelry can be kept minimal with a simple mang tikka and a set of bangles.

Pavada Davani The Pavada Davani is a traditional dress worn in the villages of the south Indian states. The affluent families, therefore, opt for silk, within which kanjeevaram is very popular.

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Earlier it used to be plain and simple made out of pure silk and cotton. For weddings heavily embroidered pavada davani in rich colors and tassels can be worn with long dangler earrings.

Now it has been incorporated with different pleats along with combinations of vibrant colors. The difference between the two costumes lies in the direction of the drape of the dupatta or Davani.

The procedure of manufacture may vary in accordance with the combination of fabrics or the different kinds of embellishments used in it. The pavada davani is, traditionally, exclusively worn by young women who are in their teens as it marks the transition of a girl to womanhood.

However, considering the significance of the coming of age ceremony, the maternal grandparents ensure that the pavada davani that is gifted to the girl is in the richest possible material, as their economic status allow.

Global Appeal The media and needless to say Bollywood actresses have been seen flaunting the Pavada Davani, with a few changes, in various movies. It can be worn on almost every occasion with a smart choice of contrasting color, different fabrics and embroidery.