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Your manipulation plus your cultural difference may result in I big misunderstanding. Inthe crown began to formally grant encomiendas to conquistadors and officials as rewards for service to the crown. This implied that enslaving them was illegal except on very specific conditions.

The status of humans as wards of the trustees under the encomienda system served to "define the status of the Indian population": Darcy Ribeiro considers that native exploitation was the fuel of the productivity of the Spanish Colonies and, H.

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Later, some receiving encomiendas in New Spain Mexico were not conquerors themselves but were sufficiently well connected that they received grants.

He concluded there were 32, Spanish families in the New World, 4, of whom had encomiendas. Holders of encomiendas also included women and indigenous elite.

The encomienda system in Spanish America differed from the Peninsular institution.

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In this way the encomienda somewhat weakened Amerindians' tribal identification and ethnicity, which in turn diminished the pool of available encomendados. They make you feel at home even though you are on vacation somewhere abroad.

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The encomienda was essential to the Spanish crown's sustaining its control over North, Central and South America in the first decades after the colonization. The system of encomiendas was aided by the crown's organizing the indigenous into small harbors known as reduccioneswith the intent of establishing new towns and populations.

This extra protections were an attempt to avoid the proliferation of irregular claims to slavery. Las Casas participated in an important debatewhere he pushed for the enactment of the New Laws and an end to the encomienda system.

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