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In this volume there are also a few short stories and snippets of reportage or remembrance, again with the strange clipped style of unrolling events without sorting out what is important or spending much time drawing conclusions--life simply is.

Time has sped for me.

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Baroja wrote in Spanish, believing that Basque was not capable of expressing literary or contemporary political, scientific, etc. Hemingway was a great admirer of the Basque Baroja, which is no recommendation to me, but perhaps some indication that he used to be better known, certainly in Europe.

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Curiously enough, for all the sea voyages, one retains a sense of Shanti grounded in his small town. The Madrid novels and the Basque narratives are diametrically opposed in spirit.

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The sea is perhaps even more of a protagonist than Shanti is. Things happen, sometimes very dramatic things, but there is not much sense of heading somewhere and certainly no sense of arriving there.

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The nature writing is lyrical. Equal sang froid attends several love stories, a kidnapping, family secrets, a storm rescue, and a walk on the beach.

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Leaving out the Basques, who stood by the captain for the rewards involved and who were mostly peasant stock, and two or three others, the rest were a collection of drunks, thieves, jailbirds, the worst of the worst, the detritus of all the ports of the five parts of the world.

I have come and gone, moved from here to there, carried along by a sweep of events that have left my soul empty.

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His Basque novels are intervals of racial affection and tenderness