Play It Safe Dating - the Newest and the Safest Way to Date - Play It Safe Dating - the Newest and the Safest Way to Date -

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By researching the person you're about to spend time with, you can gain a more thorough understanding of them as a well-rounded candidate rather than the one-sided view you get from reading their profile.

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However no matter how comfortable you feel, you should always play it safe when it comes to meeting in person. What about meeting at the zoo where you can walk around and enjoy the animals?

Play it Safe Dating

Dating Advice Articles May 15, Meeting people online is a fast and easy way to meet potential dates. This blog post originally appeared on NextAdvisor. As a general rule, a few weeks of cyber chat is enough before you suggest taking your talks offline.

A local coffee house or public park are the perfect setting to have a quiet conversation while staying in the presence of other people -- think of this type of date as a pre-screening process.

You can make purchases in a matter of seconds, download programs in minutes or even connect with someone through an online dating site in a few days. This way, you're retaining a bit of your online anonymity, but edging a bit closer to getting to know the person you met online.

Use your imagination to think of some great places for a public date. Visit our online dating blog to learn more tips on how to find love online. Chances are good that everything will be fine when you meet an online date for the first time, but you never know.

When you think of a safe meeting place, does your mind go immediately to the old idea of restaurants or cafes? The key to doing this safely, though, is to take your time getting to know a person and eventually making plans to meet up with them in real time.

Even though you may feel a strong connection with someone right away, it's best to practice patience and wait it out -- you'll thank yourself in the long run. For instance, checking to see if you have any friends in common with them on Facebook might be a good place to start.

But after weeks of emails, text messaging and phone conversation, you start feeling comfortable and are ready to meet for that first date.

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