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Once you subscribe, you can communicate via email or Yahoo! Try a quick search now: Interestingly, the sauce tasted like sour plum, without much sweetness. A major influence for Korean-Chinese cuisine is from Northern part of China Beijing and Shandong due to geographic proximity.

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Anyone watching Goblins now? Generously coated with the black bean gravy after tossing, the addition of fatty pork for the extra chewiness was an ingenious idea.

It doesn't take a lot of time and it's free. No Jjamjjamyeon half-Jjajangmyeon, half Jjamppong on the menu though, for people who cannot decide which to get. Personals is a smarter way to find great people to date. Instead of frying the meat with the sauce in a wok, the sweet-and-sour sauce was only poured over the meat after it was served.

Unlike the usual tze-char style, the batter was lighter and fluffier. Simple, fuss-free and comforting. Probably one of the best jjajangmyeon I had in Singapore! Never failed to made me hungry.