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These should be used by people for people according to the principle of sustainability. The proponents of preserving sovereignty have equally strong arguments which I set out as follows.

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It aims both at preservation and at encouraging musical language. A buffer zone of 1, hectares has been established in recognition of the importance of the broader landscape and its inhabitants for the future of the property.

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Constructive discussions took place on the issue of the preservation of cultural heritage. The property is characterised by its large size, further supported by the very large buffer zone, minimal disturbance over long periods and intactness thereby enabling the continuation of ecological and evolutionary processes at a huge scale.

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They focus on fleet control and enforcement, with good reason. I should therefore like to share with the Assembly a few brief thoughts on the promotion and preservation of these Olympic values.

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Article 24 concerns environmental protection and preservation of forests. Continuing learning will also contribute to the regular updating of knowledge on biodiversity conservation and green production.

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The rights and traditional livelihoods of local and indigenous peoples, such as the BaAkas, are a fundamental and increasingly recognised element in the management of the property. The entire property is surrounded by a large buffer zone in all three countries which responds to the intricate ecological linkages between the property and its surroundings.

The compensation to ACP countries serves to guarantee the survival of this crop. And efforts are also needed in the field of preserving the environment.

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This process must take into account long-term preservation standards and formats. Economics should have a stronger role in desertification and land preservation.

In addition, the remoteness of TNS adds a natural layer of protection from resource exploitation. This includes the continuous presence of viable populations and natural densities of wildlife, including top predators and large mammals which are often affected by hunting and poaching elsewhere.