My OkCupid marriage proves you don't need proximity to find love | The Daily Dot My OkCupid marriage proves you don't need proximity to find love | The Daily Dot

Prove you re human okcupid dating, and so does everyone else on the web

Indian men have the lowest response rate from Indian girls. Otherwise the profile looks like a lot of fun.

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Recruiters spend six seconds evaluating your application before moving on. Otherwise I think your profile is good. And there are funny screen captures, so yay.

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When a user writes a block of text and puts down every single one of their favorites, it not only takes away some of their intrigue, but it can be VERY boring to read. Indian and other Asian girls are particularly selective. Try not to judge people too much by their pictures.

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I think that's based on things such as age, marital status, how much you drink - the things in the My Details section. Words are worth … nothing? We got married on Friday the 13th, two months before what would have been our second anniversary as an online couple.

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And it reminds you why you continue to date and put yourself out there. It doesn't need to be 6 items.

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We definitely took communication to another level that others might think is excessive, but somehow, we always found something new to talk about. The research subjects are mostly American — the majority of people on OkCupid are American. Don't stress over it, just write them.

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