ps2 - How do I hook up my computer speakers to my Playstation 2? - Super User ps2 - How do I hook up my computer speakers to my Playstation 2? - Super User

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If you plan on playing NES games well into the future, get the After all, you're getting more image per refresh.

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Once you've got all your inputs labeled and all your systems' cables plugged into the switch, set it down wherever you want it to rest.

If you want your setup to be as much about showing off as enjoying games in your home, go for the original.

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Made the mistake of following this video, and my PS2 broke while trying to open it after unscrewing. Use rubber bands to help keep cords from getting tangled if you need.

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If your TV has any combination of two of these connection types available, you should be able to directly connect both consoles to your TV at the same time. Want to hook up a surround sound system?

Gaming Console Surround Sound how to hook it up? Playstation 3, PS3

So, that being said… What's our end goal? The number will be either 0, 1, or 2. I pretty much just went with "wherever it fits," but I also put all my Nintendo systems in their own cabinet because Additionally, some home theater systems and receivers may also have similar functionality, but please keep in mind that you'd probably be looking at a much larger monetary investment if you purchase an entire home theater system instead of a stand-alone system selector.

Where do I get these things? But the best balance between video and audio performance is a very first-generation Genesis. First, pop open the tray. So good Bobby Barnes: I was hoping there would be a thread like this!

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They're incredibly simple devices: Unless you're dead-set on nostalgia and getting a 'fat' PS2, go for the Slim.