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Little more and you can even be a dragon! We will not automatically renew your membership, the choice is yours! Get all kinds of cool stuff when you pledge! Whenever the main characters need to visit one of these places, your design will be there to greet them!

Age, height, weight, and income are just some of the characteristics people beef up to make themselves look and sound more attractive. Drop me a message if you're interested in paying with paypal! The game is set roughly fifty years after the war between dragons and humans, and there's still a bit of malice on both sides.

She does commission work as well, but don't hire her cause she's mine! Your dragon will be very central to the games story, and will get quite a bit of screen time. The characters will get a bit naughtier, put mildly. Still you'll be a dragon dating master by then!

Choose between Bartender, Librarian, and Blacksmith. You can subscribe for just 2 weeks or as many months as you wish.

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We'll add some basic voice acting to add some life to the game. Then you have the five young dragon girls you'll be taking care of, often swept up in the conflict. You want to be guaranteed that your data and pictures are safe and secured with confidence.