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By the 18th century, the Portuguese military had driven off the pirates permanently. The surface of the state resembles, in part, that of Bahia, with a zone of forested lands near the coast and beyond this forested zone lies a higher zone of rough open country, called agreste.

Please expand the article to include this information. The sandbar at the entrance to this river is exceptionally dangerous, and the port is frequented only by coasting vessels of light draught.

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Geography[ edit ] As with most of the states in northeastern Brazil, inland Sergipe is almost entirely savanna caatingaand its coastline is characterized by mangrovesswamps and sandy beaches.

These are pastoral areas, and the lower fertile lands are cultivated.

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As with other states in the northeast, Sergipe was invaded numerous times by the Dutchand frequently raided by French buccaneers. From tothe territory belonged to Dutch-controlled Brazil New Holland. The city is found on a sandy plain, and there are sand dunes within the city limits.

This article is missing information about over years of history from Inthe Portuguese regained control. Further inland, the year is divided into wet and dry seasons with occasional prolonged droughts. History[ edit ] Downtown Aracaju. The southern half of the state slopes eastward and is drained directly into the Atlantic through a number of small rivers, the largest of which are the Irapiranga whose source in the state of Bahia is called Vaza Barris at its mouththe Real and the Cotinguiba.

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His head was later displayed on a pole in a village square. Aerial tramway in Aracaju. The land in between is very fertile, especially in the forested region where the rainfall is abundant. Aracaju-Barra Bridge at night.