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Every tin is in VG - EX condition with no rust, unless otherwise noted, there may be the odd ding but we have checked as best able that it has not affected the tins integrity, etc.

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Think it's expensive, it isn't. But if you largely disregard the label and look at the tin top and bottom you will do just fine: This is a question we get asked a lot around the office: You can order by emailing us or calling us toll free.

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Charles Rattray is still a well-known name in the pipe smoking world, his tobaccos are highly rated by connoisseur smokers. We welcome all types of Pipe Smokers into the Pipe Forums.

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Dating Dunhill Tins self. One word to the designer Oliver.

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It's McConnell's made s or very early s. I owe that man more than the couple of drinks that I ended up buying him. Year app from the German stamp.

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The use of various makers allows the collection to have a very wide range of classic British shapes, using production methods dating back over years. Dating pipe tobacco took part in this operation too since some Danish freehands were displayed in its catalogue while the so called 'seconds' were marked Ben Wade.

Located in Perth the Rattrays tobacconist not only sold tobaccos, but like most tobacconists blended on site too.

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Sharamar 2 Comments Update: You can still order by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1