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Rca surround sound system hookup, video of the day

All in all if you are on a budget and want a resemblance of a movie theater then this will work fine and you'll be happy.

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I love it See more. I was really looking forward to getting this unit hooked up, and thought the good reviews would outweigh the bad reviews. Step Turn on the Comcast receiver and the surround sound system's receiver.

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This upset me, but once again I could manage ordering a new speaker. Just make sure you connect the same jacks together between the player output and the amplifier input - front right output to front right input, centre output to centre input, front left output to front left input etc.

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I have to push the buttons very hard, and hold them down for the unit to do anything. What does a surround sound RCA cable look like?

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I tried everything in their book but I can't get it to control the RCA surround sound volume. See more sound system has good sound Average rating: On some devices you may find more connections than this, and this would be for 6.

Please help me find a way to stop it happening. When should I use RCA surround sound connections? Have polariod plasma tv about yrs old.

Rca surround sound cuts out

Sound cuts in and out every sec in Windows 7 64bit. Sorry to hear about your experience with the System. After completing the install the first thing I noticed was the decent separation with the channels during a DVD movie or streaming.