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He liked to see people smile and laugh. Long ago, in ancient times as they called them, he had dreamed of monuments. Monuments were for those who traveled to see them.

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And now, miracle of miracles, even at his height, he did not stand out so very much. They found it amusing. Her words are the paintbrush while your mind is the canvas! Some of my irritations with this third and final installment of Lives of the Mayfair Witches: She became obsessed with germs, thinking that she contaminated everything she touched, engaged in frequent and obsessive hand washing and obsessively checked locks on windows and doors.

He had made an antique carousel within this building, all of the original old horses, lions, and such that had provided molds for his replicas. Now, we go with Armand across the centuries to the Kiev Rus of his boyhood - a ruined city under Mongol dominion - and to ancient Constantinople, where Tartar raiders sell him into slavery.

As the darkness fell, very close and quickly, he stood at the window looking down on the tiny figures in Central Park. The carousels had been opened in twenty different places.

Indeed, he did not understand why other toy companies made so few innovations, why cookie-cutter dolls with vapid faces lined the shelves of emporiums, why the ease of manufacture had not produced a wilderness of originality and invention.

For ten years, I've tried. After all, the parks were almost completed now, and the little schools had been opened in seven cities. A movie of Rice's bestseller, Interview with a Vampire, is scheduled for November release.