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Soon, Emperor Gaozong became enamored with Consort Wu. Both Empress Wang and Consort Xiao lost favor, and soon, they realized the seriousness of the situation and joined forces to try to alienate Consort Wu from Emperor Gaozong, but were unsuccessful.

She then had them put into large wine jars, saying, "Let these two witches be drunk to their bones! Titles from birth to death[ edit ] Lady Wang.

Inafter Li Zhi became crown princereplacing his older brother Li Chengqian who was deposed for plotting to overthrow Emperor TaizongPrincess Wang became crown princess.

Her uncle Liu Shi became one of the chancellors.

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Why ask anyone else? However, it is controversial that Empress Wang was able to suffer the torture for few days to death. Their mothers and brothers were exiled to the modern Guangdong region, while Empress Wang's father Wang Renyou's posthumous honors were stripped. Another assumption is that Empress Wang was hanged to death upon emperor's approval.

One day, Emperor Gaozong thought of them and decided to visit them, and when he saw the conditions they were in, he was saddened, calling out, "Empress, Shufei [Consort Xiao's title], where are you? Despite this, he did not immediately depose Empress Wang.