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Verena Kampe and Stefan Vogelsang of Rheinmetall Defence in Bremen are in charge of simulation for AIDA Cruises In successfully responding to a request for tenders to supply an advanced, customer-specific simulation system, Bremen-based RME had to overcome three international competitors.

RTI Connext solutions address the needs across the enterprise—the infrastructure spans deeply-embedded and real-time systems all the way to enterprise software running across the web and at data centers.

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The new video units will augment the three systems already supplied to the GUZ, and are equipped for the first time with night vision cameras, enabling exercises to be recorded even under conditions of poor visibility.

RDD is predominantly focused on live simulation and the provision of hardware for training exercises, laser technology and pyrotechnic effect representation being two key areas of focus for the company. Not only is the original equipment exactly the same as on board, even the paint on the walls, the carpeting and ceiling are identical.

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The officers apparently feel completely at home on the full-mission bridge. The Electronic Performance Support System EPSSa set of computer-based, interactive solutions, based on 3D models and original manufacturer documentation and presented in state-of-the-art tablet format, assists knowledge management and support of maintenance and service activities.

We are moving from large scale, high cost exercises in the past to the virtual battlefield of tomorrow. At the end of each training session, we specifically ask participants about the degree of realism.

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Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH of Bremen supplied the technology for this state-of-the-art facility. In total, the order encompassed the supply of five individual simulators: This rig, comprising replicated aircraft equipment, will significantly increase the throughput of trainees without utilising the real aircraft, thereby reducing costs and prolonging the life of the real helicopter.

Training systems are modular and scalable, deployable or stationary, and can be customized for any training requirement — from the needs of the individual soldier up to the highest tactical level, and covering everything from basic gunnery and skills training to tactical training in instrumented combat training facilities.

October saw the roll-out of the first of five NH90 maintenance training rigs for the German and French armed forces.

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