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Greenidge is seeking unspecified damages for the "mental anguish and emotional distress" caused by Rihanna's signature RiRi Woo lipstick.

RiRi Woo Lipstick Blamed For Harlem Woman Contracting Herpes; MAC Slapped With Lawsuit

Come on, doesn't everyone know by now that studies have shown staph, strep, and E. Since oral herpes is spread through contact with secretions, if anyone who tried the lipstick had an open cold sore or even got saliva on the lipstick ewthen the virus could have been transmitted.

I don't own Ruby Woo so I can't do a comparison, but I do love this color. Currently in the middle of a world tour, Rihanna and her lipstick will arrive in the UK on 10 June, playing dates in Cardiff, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Sunderland. I don't find it overly drying, even for a matte I use Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets, Rimmel London Kate mattes and Lime Crime Velvetines for comparison but I practice a pretty intensive regular lipcare routine to exfoliate, treat fine lines, hydrate, etc.

Fair - Skin Type: We'll see how MAC responds to the lawsuit and keep you posted. It's a nice, cool tone red that would work well on a lot of skin tones. The case is ongoing.

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You might as well be kissing a toilet seat the next time you swipe on a communal lipstick tester. If you're looking for something super moisturizing, this isn't the lipstick for you.

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Brandishing a stick of Rihanna's red Woo lipstick, an employee allegedly applied herpes to Greenidge's lips. When applying for the first time I noticed a lot more tugging on the lips than I am used to, but subsequent applications have been much better.

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