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However, the losers will be sent home with absolutely nothing. Four ramps are perpendicularly linked over a pond. In the winner's round, the team that wins the second round wins immunity from the Jungle and a guaranteed girls spot in the final challenge.

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Some teams may attempt to put their painful past behind them, while others will struggle to deal with their rocky history. The teams that make it to the end of the obstacle course in the fastest time wins, while the last-place female team goes straight to the Jungle.

Everyone here is still trying to process that punch. Format[ edit ] Rivals II follows the same format as the original Rivals challenge click here for further informationwith the following differences: Teams have to race on a trail along the beach, and memorize a sequence of colors red, yellow, green and blue from a blinking light panel that is located one mile from the starting line.

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Have they never seen this show before? The only way to get a cut of the cash is to make it to the very end and compete in an epic final challenge.

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After CT exploded calling the decision unfair, Wes stepped in to the Duel and a heated argument ensued. Both team members run on a treadmill across from each other, behind a mud pit.

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Except we totally do. Laurel Stuckey is in the building, folks!

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I'd say it was a pretty successful first run. And cue the tears. We'll be updating this blog throughout the night with pics, Vine vids and gossip, so keep that refresh button handy!

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Tension between the two began on Battle of the Seasons, when Trishelle became suspicious of Sarah's intentions when Sarah was flirting with Trishelle's teammate Alton Williams.