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If an exception occurs within one of the lifecycle methods, Azure will raise the UnhandledException event, and then the process is terminated. If the Run method returns, the role is automatically gracefully recycled; in other words, Azure raises the Stopping event and calls the OnStop method so that your shutdown sequences may be executed before the role is taken offline.

After this time elapses, the process is terminated, so you must make sure that code in the OnStop method can run quickly or tolerates not running to completion.

In general, you should avoid returning false from the OnStart method.

RoleEntryPoint Class

While the OnStart code is executing, the role instance is marked as Busy and no external traffic will be directed to it by the load balancer. OnStop method is called.

When extending RoleEntryPoint, you should be aware of the following behaviors of the methods: If your role does not start, or is recycling between the initializing, busy, and stopping states, your code may be throwing an unhandled exception within one of the lifecycle events each time the role restarts.

If OnStart returns false, the role terminates immediately, without executing any planned shutdown sequences. Extend the RoleEntryPoint class The RoleEntryPoint class includes methods that are called by Azure when it starts, runs, or stops a web or worker role.

Your role may also be returning from the Run method, which causes the role to restart. Any uncaught exception within an overload of a RoleEntryPoint method is treated as an unhandled exception. This may be useful for compatibility purposes if you are porting an existing ASP. NET application to Azure.

NET lifecycle methods, in addition to those provided by the RoleEntryPoint class, to manage initialization and shutdown sequences for a web role.

After your role has been taken offline, it will be restarted by Azure. Run method You can override the Run method to implement a long-running thread for your role instance. For web roles this class is optional, so you must use it to respond to lifecycle events.

You can override this method to call code required for your role instance to cleanly shut down.