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Although the Truck Driver ran a red traffic light, the city was also responsible for this accident.

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The bicyclist, a 70 year old man, was struck by a New York City Transit Authority bus and suffered a comminuted fracture of his pelvis. Scho-ka-kola online dating Medical Malpractice: Six months later another physician properly conducted a biopsy and discovered her cancer.

During the procedure, the surgeon negligently nicked her bowel causing a peritonitis an infection. As a result of the bowel injury the woman had to undergo additional surgeries. When the man returned 6 months later, he was now complaining of the same symptoms along with blood in his urine.

The pedestrian, a woman who was 45 years old at the time of the accident, suffered the loss of her leg after being struck by a New York City Transit Authority bus. He suffered 2 to 3 minutes of excruciating pain before dying at the scene of the accident.

The victim who had been working for the city for 18 years, including 4 as a New York City Policeman, was set to retire from the City in 2 years.

The truck driver claimed he could not see the traffic light. As a result of our thorough investigation, it was determined that this driver had been served alcoholic beverages at a restaurant while he was visibly intoxicated.

Jury Selection Seminars, N. After a 7 week trial, the jury determined that the Bus Driver and Transit Authority bore the majority of fault in the case and returned a multi-million dollar verdict. The man, who lived in upstate New York, had complained of progressive sensory and motor loss below his waist; however, his complaints were largely ignored by his treating physician.