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Vyshnivetskyi specified that the incident occurred in the village of PavlivkaChaplynka Raion, Kherson Oblast. If war does erupt in Ukraine, the U. That is a very good question.

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The following comes from the Wall Street Journal … Crimean special forces and local militiamen with Kalashnikovs and masks have hoisted Russian flags and set up checkpoints on the only two highways that connect the Black Sea peninsula to mainland Ukraine.

Crimea Regular flights of Russian military and civil aircraft have been conducted over the occupied Crimea since the beginning of the invasion of Russian forces into Crimea in February Rather, Russia has been very busy moving their chess pieces around the board.

Russian helicopters ukraine

Detail of a series of white fences next to the house seen at the end of the clip, with two noticeable gaps directly in front of the camera.

As I wrote about yesterdayRussia will never, ever let Crimea go without a fight. Location In comments to the original video, Mr. This video shows K participating in military drills in September On the other hand, there are rumors that a Russian vice-admiral has declared that war with Ukraine has begun.

One of the most interesting details of the video is the direction of the helicopter — it was headed south, towards Crimea.