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To begin with, contrary to wide-spread belief, Russia takes far from the first place in the world in using alcohol.

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Recently we can observe a strange and unnatural tendency emerging in the West. Our website is very easy to use and has a very simple registration procedure. We guarantee that each Russian woman displayed on our website is real and seeking a husband outside her country, thus, willing to relocate with the right man.

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They liked each other in the photos; have been satisfied with the answers to questionnaires; have corresponded for some months. Most expect their women to excel in cooking, house-cleaning, babysitting and sex at the same time. Many Russian men are not good fathers and it hurts women.

News ways of getting acquainted We are living in the age of technical progress as information technologies and computers increasingly affect almost every sphere of our lives.

Russian singles online – the bumpy road to happiness

The main thing is to make the appropriate compliments. You don't speak Russian?

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However, the family values are always kept above financial and career issues. If you want to explore the miraculous realm of Russian online dating together with DateRussia.

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