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His friend introduced Larry and said that he's going to be having dinner with them and adds that it's time to start. Larry is later seen trying to hang himself on a ceiling fan.

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In this episode, Larry is first seen sitting in a chair at his friend's house on Christmas morning as his kids open their presents.

Just than his friend brings over a present revealing that it's for Larry.

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The mother comes over and offers Larry a Christmas cookie which he unenthusiastically accepts, thanking her. Larry opens the present to find a pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the rearview mirror of a car and starts crying.

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His friend tries to cheer him up, and shows him some dancing moves, and when Larry doesn't respond positively, he kicks food in his face. Larry starts off a normal dinner pray adding that he could do without his dad being on his death bed and wanting a place to live.

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Larry was put in the hospital, because of all of his injuries, while watching Ted Bear. His friend immediately cuts Larry off and finishes the normal prayer. In Sad Larry, Larry is eating lunch when he's approached by a friend. Soon, everyone is sat at the table and starts to pray which his friend insists Larry lead.

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