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Goku can't wake up unless Jackie tells him to. The two warriors stood, relaxed, as if they knew nothing was going to happen to them. Then Goku uses janken attack moves, but Jackie blocks them. His right hand was pulled near his hand while his left hand was near his stomach area.

Goku then kicks him out of the ring, but Jackie cleverly avoids touching the ground by smashing his foot in the side of the platform. Knowing that he must stop Goku's rampage at any cost, Jackie Chun fires his most powerful Kamehameha wave. Then he gives them lb. Then he gives them their final test for the day.

Lack of scanlations or fansubs. The best thing about San Krillin's first opponent is an enemy from his old martial arts school.

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Comodo Comodo Ice Dragon Surf the internet in a quick and safe way Jackie Chun tried to kick Krillin, but he dodged it and then tried to land a punch, but Jackie spit at him. After a long bout of fighting, Goku and Jackie jump and kick each other in the face, knocking each other down.

Goku's time is 11 seconds, but after he takes off his old, beat-up shoes, he runs it in 8 seconds. Although the webmaster later recanted his claims, the rumors had already grown beyond his control, and the site ceased to be updated a short time later. At this time Goku is off going from planet to planet training and he comes across one planet which looks absolutely beautiful, he goes onto this planet for training and finds that all the people there look perfect, and also the gravity is times that of earths so he figures its ideal for training for a little while.

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