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Macro Statements SAS

They can be obtained by using symget and call symput macros. Yes, Such macros are called nested macros. We can accomplish repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently.

If you need the value of a variable rather than the variable itself what would you use to load the value to a macro variable? Text from a macro comment statement is not constant text and is not stored in a compiled macro.

Macro parameters allow you to pass information into a macro. Can you execute a macro within a macro? Other than that we can use the macro variable at any time. After I have defined a macro I can invoke it by adding the percent sign prefix to its name like this: How would you invoke a macro?

Because a semicolon ends the comment statement, the comment cannot contain internal semicolons unless the internal semicolons are enclosed in quotation marks.

For what purposes have you used SAS macros? For what purpose you have used? Here is a simple example: The execution submits the request code.