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The names of 88 locations are listed at the top of the map, but 46 of them are blacked out. According to an article pdf by Dutch scolars it's not very likely that Dutch agencies are a formal 3rd party partner of NSA, as they have different political and cultural views.

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Nonetheless, the Netherlands has always been a loyal partner in military operations and so there is regular information sharing on that level. Towards the end of May, he traveled to Hong Kong.

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This data includes telephone calls, emails, mobile-phone text messages and chat transcripts. From the beginning of the NSA scandal, Berlin has conducted its attempts to clarify the allegations with a mixture of naivety and ignorance.

Wouldn't Europe also have to take a look at its own surveillance practices? Consulting Providing a wide range of strategic advisory services to help companies navigate the certification standards landscape and achieve milestones toward their Sustainable Development Goals or Food Safety objectives.

Heiss wants the Americans finally to promise a contract excluding mutual surveillance. Supporting you and your customers Services We provide world-class third-party certification, verification, validation, auditing, and inspection services.

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Merkel no longer wants to rely solely on promises. Suddenly, mutual understanding seemed to waft through the group.

The list has no date, but it does have a declassification datewhich minus 25 years the standard classification period would mean the document is from