Kejsaren av Portugallien by Daniela Hedström on Prezi Kejsaren av Portugallien by Daniela Hedström on Prezi

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It is the story of a young girl who wants to see the world but is held back by the endless love of her father. With her, she is carrying all the melancholy of not fitting in and not being able to adjust to the modern world of the bigger towns either.

She has an obvious place on a piedestal since she was the first woman to be accepted into the Swedish Academy, and also the first to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

I had also wanted to flee the imposing, dark, lonely woods and the chains of family life.

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I hope the "Emperor of Portugalia" with his broken heart and mind will have cathartic effects on generations of parents: But that is not what she really is to me.

An act of development The tragic end brings the daughter back to the woods she escaped from.

Kejsaren av portugallien

At the same time, she was a brilliant and modern mind, politically active, and she felt the choking atmosphere of tradition colliding with modern wishes for freedom and a wider horizon. Now, however, with children becoming adolescents, getting ready to leave my nest in a couple of years, I cry with the father who is broken, looking fatally ill when he realises that his daughter does not want to stay, that she longs for the world beyond his horizons: I have no child!

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I guess that is one of those gifts you receive from world literature: She breaks free, and her father never recovers from the pain of losing her.

Ronja and Birk upset their proud robber fathers with the official announcement that they will never be robbers themselves! He retreats into a fantasy world, imagining a glamorous life for his daughter and losing touch with reality as a result.