Judicious use of Sedation in euthanasia | Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California Judicious use of Sedation in euthanasia | Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California

Sedating a dog before euthanasia pros, things you need to know before euthanizing your dog

Please note that the homeopathic remedy does not cause death.

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How does it end up going around the vein? The only discomfort the IV catheter placement will usually cause is simply a little prick.

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The euthanasia drug usually is an overdose of a barbiturate. Christine February 12, at However, the medicine to be injected may be different from one state to another. When the condition of the pet causes dehydration, emaciation or poor perfusion poor circulation which may make it difficult to find a vein and which may subject your pet to more than one prick of the needle.

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I was so sad I did not notice if was even alive. She claims that her clients "love hearing that their dog is at the rainbow bridge smiling. When the time for dog euthanasia comes, your veterinarian will prepare a set of two shots.

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I called Zoetis, the company that makes the drug, detailing the reaction that my animals had. I remember this, as one of the tests the vet did to check she had died was to touch the eye gently.

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Upon considering and answering the above questions, you may find it easier to make a decision. Those who have read my hub about the dog euthanasia process or other articles have heard that it consists of an injection of of pentobarbital, a liquid barbiturate which was formerly popular for being used as a pre-anesthetic.

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Therefore, in some cases, the use of a sedative may make things easier on your pet.