Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim bid a tearful goodbye to Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim bid a tearful goodbye to "Music Bank"

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It was such a short scene but that left me craving for more of this pairing.

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So I was super excited when they were cast together in Scent of a Woman. Both Jung Il-woo and Moon Chae-won are awesome when it comes to sageuk, so I really want to see them act together in a sageuk one day! He is a college student in Sungkyunkwan University, majoring Business Economics.

Career beginnings and breakthrough[ edit ] Song made his acting debut in the period film A Frozen Flower.

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I was so crazy over them back in and one of the reasons why I joined Soompi back then. He went on to play small parts in several shows, movies, also did some Modeling.

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On an Elle Girl interview July he confessed that he had broke up with his long-time girlfriend about three months ago.

Dear directors, please pair these two together again! He had to give up be a skater becouse of a injury.

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Leading roles and military enlistment[ edit ] At The Innocent Man press conference, September Song described as a "phenomenal year" for his career. For their 15th anniversary, I feel so honored and flattered to be given this opportunity to write for Soompi.

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His first kiss was in junior high school, at a bus stop, around 11 PM. I realized that both of them have the same surname and they are of the same age.

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