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History of our animosity is long. For members of the Albanian community, even in some of the representatives of the Albanian science, more and more of those who utterly unscientific, unfounded and reckless deny affiliation of the churches and monasteries Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian traditional body.

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Given the fact that the Albanian community has invested so much energy in the destruction of cultural monuments and in their appropriation, it would be highly irresponsible given their role as guardian. Do ordinary Serbians and Albanians even bother to look around and realize how politicians manipulate just to win political points and show how patriotic and strong they are to the people?

Flore Brovina, 50, was convicted and sentenced in Nis on charges of conspiring against the government to commit terrorism during the North Atlantic Treaty Organization bombing campaign last spring against Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanian children as young as 10 are being used by adults to carry out attacks on Serbs and other minorities, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said in two lengthy reports.

Five NATO peacekeepers, camped on the other side of the bridge, suffered minor injuries. The rioting in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica began when mourners spotted the Serbs after a funeral to rebury the remains of 20 ethnic Albanians exhumed from a mass grave.

The Albanian community in Kosovo has so far failed to develop the ability of tolerance and coexistence, and in that sense, multiculturalism and interculturalism modern societies are foreign terms.

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Because of all this there is an intolerant attitude towards members of other nations and languages, religions and cultures, and this is now dominant in the Albanian community in Kosovo.

Therefore, in Kosovo, even afterthen in peacetime, they continued with the destruction of churches and monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church, gravestones, entire cemeteries etc. Oh, he is a Serbian?

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The crater caused by Friday night's blast in the divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica forced NATO peacekeepers to stop a Serbian passenger train packed with people. Political games are popular and that is the only way for our politicians to distract the population from other problems that are still not solved such as high unemployment, corruption, social and economical problems in general, crisis, nepotism and many other things.

The fact that the perpetrators of such outrages and their organizers were never brought to justice, speaks volumes about the lack of political will of the Albanian community that such acts are sanctioned. Let me very briefly put forward a number of key concerns and facts that are incompatible with such a request addressed to UNESCO.

Bernard Kouchner, who as U.

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As soon as KFOR troops are gone, these cultural monuments will be exposed to a real risk of being damaged, even destroyed. The fact that there has been no destruction of the oldest cultural monuments in Kosovo, namely the Serbian monasteries dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth century Decani, Gracanica, Pec Patriarchate, etc.

At least 13 French police were injured, including their Kosovo commander, Col.