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Shailene woodley dating wdw hub, rumors started that they’re dating

Anyway this is not new for any celebrity to get involve with any rumors related to their personal life, sometimes the rumors are considered as a sign that they are doing their job right to create a illusion of a real relationship which is brewing in behind.

MagazineShailene Woodley and Ellen Page are reportedly dating. When her blockbuster film Divergent hit theaters, there was speculation she was dating her costar Theo James.

Seeing which on-screen romances translate off-screen. This leads to speculation that it is a real relationship.

However since then, the star is getting linked with any woman she hangs out. X17 got exclusive photos of them walking out. In fact, James has a longtime girlfriend, Irish actress Ruth Kearney. Though these two never dated, considering James had a serious girlfriend in Ruth Kearney when they first met, fans were still hopeful for an off-screen romance to bloom.

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Skarsgard recently told that he is really proud of Page for her coming out in the ope. When confronted about these claims, Woodley laughed them off, stating how funny it was that people automatically assumed they were dating just because they took photos together.

At the MTV Movie AwardsWoodley and Page posed together on the red carpet and we think that that pose was the reason behind the rumor. And because… maybe I can make a difference. In this film, Woodley and Elgort played the epic on-screen couple of Hazel and Augustus.

On-screen, their characters had already hooked up prior to the start of the show. With such a buzz following Hazel and Augustus, it only grew stronger after the movie came out, and it should come as no surprise that rumors of the actors taking their on-screen romance off-screen emerged, with Woodley being linked to James earlier the same year.