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Shanks vs Blackbeard is gonna be a really awesome fight if it ever happens. So, how will Shanks be able to fight this beast?

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They met again at Marineford during the Paramount War. It will definitely lead to some injuries and scars and such, he will be extremely almost dead when he does it, but I think he will get the job done.

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Their strength may not have been revealed, but you can just tell thayre extremely powerful. I wont say that this is my theory and that i should take credit for it either. Why are these two enemies?

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But it does signify the bad blood between both of these individuals, and that is one of the biggest signs that these two will fight again. When will this happen?

Shanks vs blackbeard

She has her one country known as Totland. He's also the person who recommended me to write this blog! This singles out Shanks as the only Yonko who the Supernovas are not trying to get involved with, other than Blackbeard himself.

Aside from Shanks himself, this crew also has many other powerful members like Ben Beckmann, Lucky Roo and Yasopp as well.

All of her ministers at said to be monsters. So we know his feats are nothing to laugh at, which makes killing Shanks not seem so far-fetched. As we should all know, Shanks is very valuable to our main character Monkey D.

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