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He then launched his own kitchen brand, Mocomichi Hayami, in June It is also likely that his trip to Singapore will propel him to visit other countries and create more fusion dishes for his cooking show. He emphasizes how we should stay true to the things that energize us, and work hard at developing our passions into formidable strengths.

He also had a real-life role model for a brother, who enjoyed whipping up dishes. His six books were an instant hit as cooking devotees and food lovers devoured more than recipes that he used on his TV show.

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Similarly, he incorporated chili crab, the quintessential Singapore dish, into paella Spanish seafood riceimbuing it with a tantalizing sweet and spicy sauce! This phenomenal success can be attributed to how Hayami thoughtfully streamlines his cooking process so that the steps are easy for his viewers to follow and duplicate.

Talk about breaking new ground! Food bonds people together, so it was great seeing him bridge cultures by synthesizing the best elements of foods from two different cuisines into one original dish.

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It is certainly heartwarming to see how his product line of kitchen items brings Japanese brands such as Tosa Dragon to the limelight! As a Cultural Ambassador Eager to explore new frontiers, Hayami Mokomichi continues to inspire his viewers by venturing out of his comfort zone to try out novel things and take him on exciting culinary journeys.

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Several years on, it is still going strong, with Hayami having showcased more than 1, of his own recipes from a diverse range of cuisines, such as Italian, French, Japanese and Chinese! It is certainly inspiring how he manages to carve up the time to develop himself as a multi-faceted artist!

Hayami Mokomichi initially got interested in cooking by watching Iron Chef.

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Although he visited Singapore for the first time in Octoberhe was able to make shrewd observations about the similarities and differences between Singaporean and Japanese cuisines and even create his own fusion dishes! He probably realizes this also, as he joined forces with Catador, a farm in Spain, to produce his original olive oil that is fruity, yet spicy at the same time, in As an Entrepreneur hayamimokoskitchen.